11 January | Update from Department of Resources

Critically essential workers for the resources sector

On 9 January 2022 the Queensland Government announced that some workers who work within a narrow range of critical industries can now provide essential services, provided they meet strict health criteria. Resources has been identified as a critical industry.

The measures only apply to close contacts who are fully vaccinated and asymptomatic. Find out more about Changes to requirements for confirmed cases and close contacts.

Self assessment process

The below self assessment process has been stood up for resources sector tenure holders to determine which roles within their organisation are critical to the continuation of their operations.

  1. Create a list of critical roles (XLSX, 18.5KB)
  2. Submit the Critical Roles List  to criticalworkerlodgement@dsdilgp.qld.gov.au

​​​​​​​This is a central lodgement email for all critical industries.Use this flowchart to help determine who could be considered a critical essential worker.

The department will undertake compliance checks on submitted critical roles lists to make sure employers are only identifying those roles which are critical to the continued operations of a company.

Resources employers must keep a record of their Critical Worker list (XLSX, 26.7KB) and produce it if requested. A Critical Worker list may be determined invalid if an employer incorrectly assesses a role as a critically essential role.

Employers are encouraged to only take close contact employees out of quarantine if it is absolutely critical to do so, and an alternative can’t be found.

If the employee develops COVID-19 symptoms, they must immediately return to quarantine.

Read more about critically essential workers and what employers and workers need to do to meet the strict criteria.

If you have any immediate queries, please contact covid@resources.qld.gov.au