15 October 2020 | QRC COVID-19 Working Group meeting

QRC COVID-19 Working Group spoke about the following (actions in bold):

  • QRC has received informal advice from Brisbane Airport Corporations indicating that the temperature testing space may no longer be available for rent, following the changing border restriction with NSW (anticipated on 1 November, pending no major outbreak). Passenger numbers at Brisbane airport are expected to increase significantly once border restrictions are lifted
  • In relation to other COVID-related issues, Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) notes approximately 250 crew changes per week are occurring in Qld. All crews will now be tested on arrival in Qld by Qld authorities for COVID before transferring to their ship.
  • Please note staff who live in NSW cannot travel to the NSW/Qld bubble area and then enter Queensland. They enter Qld by quarantining in ACT/Canberra for 2 weeks, and then enter Queensland.
  • The QRC Campaign has had a highly impactful effect on public opinion on the resources sector’s contribution to Queensland’s recovery.
    • Part 1of the election strategy – You can count on us – was completed 4th October
    • Part 2 of the election strategy – Don’t Vote Green – is almost complete. It’s been controversial, but effective. A mail drop (DL) has been done in the seats of Maiwar (Indooroopilly and Toowong), South Brisbane, McConnell (Brisbane Central) and Cooper (Ashgrove)
    • Part 3 of the election strategy – Protect your job – will be deployed in 13 seats including Ipswich West, Toowoomba North and 11 regional seats in Central and North Queensland across various mediums (radio, print, digital, social and billboard) Focus is on voting for candidates who will protect jobs and support the resources sector.
  • The election is too close to call.
  • A fully automated specialist worker system is now live. There are now 41 applications in process and 3 currently with CHO.
  • DNRME advises the streamlined system is operating very efficiently with quick turn-arounds on applications.
    • A system for emergency access exists. No use has been made of it so far.
    • There will be a new notice issued from DNRME (Border Directive 16). This will provide processes to allow access in the event of a natural disaster.

Next meeting:   Thursday 22 October 2020 at 12.30pm