2 April | DNRME critical resource sector workers

The Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy have advised that they have commenced the process of identifying for the Chief Health Officer’s approval, those individuals who meet the criteria to be regarded as critical resource sector workers.

There are two categories: (a) Identified statutory positions as listed on the Qld Health Website and (b) a person who has been approved by the Chief Health Officer as a critical resource sector employee.

For category (a) a template letter is yet to be produced for companies to use in order to identify who is a statutory office holder.  Once the template is made available, a completed copy of this letter will need to be provided to DNRME.  The person must carry a copy of the letter when flying from interstate, either in hard copy or digitally on their phone.

For category (b) a bulk application identifying the individuals and explaining why they are critical resource sector workers will (likely) require an application form with an attached spreadsheet. As discussed on the teleconference this morning, members are encouraged to start collating their information so they can quickly load into the final form when Qld Health make it available in the next few hours.

Members are advised to keep the justification that a position is critical to a reasonable level. It might be of assistance to refer to the broad categories of reason that have been suggested in the QRC’s letter to the Chief Health Officer (attached).  If the person does not fit those categories another brief explanation of why they are critical, should be provided.

Information required is (likely) to be as follows: (click image to view preview in a larger format)