21 August 2021 | Update from Department of Resources

Please see below the latest information from the Department of Resources.

This bulletin provides resources companies and peak bodies in the resources sector with the latest information on COVID-19 and how it relates to the sector.

Entering Queensland from the NSW border zone

The Delta outbreak in NSW is escalating, and currently presents a real threat to Queensland.

That’s why it’s critical that we do everything we can to minimise any risk for the virus to spread across our border.

This is why we’ve implemented tighter controls on movement across our border than ever before.

Queenslanders should not enter New South Wales.

There is a stay-at-home order covering all of New South Wales, so New South Wales residents should not enter Queensland.


There are exemptions for essential workers to come from NSW to Queensland. However we must stress, the need to cross the border must only be for critical reasons.

Essential means that the work to be undertaken is so essential that without that worker, the facility or industry may be unable to continue.

It also means that there is no one else in Queensland who can undertake the function or role.

There should always be consideration of whether the work can be performed remotely, or whether the critical worker can instruct someone on the ground from a remote location.

Applications for exemption are still made through the existing Queensland Health process

Essential worker vaccine requirements

Essential workers will only be allowed to cross from the border zone for work if they have had their first dose of a WHO-COVAX approved vaccine by Friday 20 August.

This applies to Queenslanders travelling into the New South Wales border zone to undertake essential work, as well as New South Wales border zone residents who are travelling to Queensland for essential work.

They must carry proof of vaccination. This can be the MyGov records accessible by an app on your phone, or the card you are issued at the vaccination centre.

If you haven’t received your first vaccine by that date, you will be turned around at the border.