24 August 2020 | Restricted areas – Greater Brisbane, Ipswich and West Moreton

As you would be aware, the Chief Health Officer (CHO) has declared Greater Brisbane, Ipswich and West Moreton a restricted area.

She emphasised today that there are no restrictions to travel to or from these areas, but people in these areas should carry face masks and use in confined areas, eg. shops.  There are also restrictions now in place in terms of the size of gatherings in public places and in homes in these areas.

Members sourcing FIFO workers from these regions should ask their workers to be extra vigilant in regards to social distancing, hand cleaning and sanitising, and wearing a face mask as per the CHO’s directions.

Member companies should also ensure that they are extra vigilant in terms of health checks and temperature testing for FIFO’s travelling from these regions to mining areas.

I have reassured Mayor Baker from Isaac Shire that companies are watching the situation in Brisbane very closely.