24 December 2020  |  QRC COVID-19 Working Group meeting

QRC COVID-19 Working Group spoke about the following (actions in bold):

  • The current restrictions will remain in place until 8-11 January, and may be lifted in a fortnight.
  • Applications for specialist workers will be needed if those workers are coming from hotspot areas.
  • The rules in place are the same as those prior to the border restrictions being lifted.
  • Eligible workers include experts (for example, a shot-firer licensed worker).
  • The Department will be continuing work over the new year. The QRC will be available if members encounter any issues.
  • If members require a specialist worker up to mid-January, please contact the QRC.
  • The Department only has one application pending, and one anticipated.  (Arrow reports a 24-hour turn-around on applications.)
  • Companies, except BHP, will continue temperature testing at Brisbane Airport, and at site.

The QRC wishes everyone a very merry and safe Christmas.

Next meeting: This was the last call for the year. Participants will be advised of the next meeting in due course.