28 April 2020 | Border restrictions

The Queensland Chief Health Officer has made a number of border restriction Declarations throughout March and April. Updated information on the latest restrictions can be found on the Queensland Health website.

Currently, people are not be able to enter Queensland unless they are an ‘exempt person’ or an ‘exempt resident.  Certain critical resource workers are considered ‘exempt persons’.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the border restrictions which are relevant to the resource sector. QRC will endeavour to keep this information up to date as the situation progresses.

Who is allowed to enter Queensland?

Those living outside of Queensland who provide critical services to Queensland are considered ‘exempt persons’. This includes:

  • National/state security
  • Essential health services
  • Emergency services
  • Transport of goods or freight by land, sea or air, including food
  • Critical maintenance/repair to critical infrastructure in Queensland
  • Construction, mining/energy/agribusinesses (and see below for specific requirements for FIFO workers in these sectors)
  • Federal, state or local government workers or contractors who are required to enter Queensland to work.