QRC COVID-19 Working Group spoke about the following (actions in bold):

  • The CHO has announced a further one-week extension of the requirements to wear a face mask if you are in the identified SE Qld LGAs or have been in those LGAs in the last 14 days. Persons who have visited those SEQ LGAs must wear a mask as per SE Qld until next Friday 6th August unless they have been outside the LGAs for more than 14days
  • There has been some confusion about Border arrangements.
    • For gas field workers travelling between operations in the NE South Australia and SW corner of Qld, exemptions are in place but workers are required to be tested within 7 days of arrival in Qld and every 7 days.
    • For FIFOs in the NSW ‘bubble zone’, identified in the map the QRC distributed on Saturday, workers in that area can travel anywhere in Queensland for work-related purposes. They must apply for an entry pass into Queensland.
    • It is preferable for resource companies, not contractor companies, to apply for specialist/essential worker exemptions when bringing workers into Queensland from hot spots.
  • The process as Queensland moves towards disposing of the need for exemptions for travel from other States is not clear but is based on the CHO’s assessment of the risk a person from that state poses in terms of being contagious. It is also determined by the period since a significant number of community transmissions.
  • A question was asked regarding specialist essential worker exemption process times. An application has been under consideration for over a week. If members have not had approval within 3-5 days, please contact the QRC.
  • A question was raised as to whether the model for the SA-Qld border for gas workers could be applied in other areas of SA and regional NSW, instead of applying as a ‘specialist worker’. The QRC undertook to raise this with the Department.

DoR joined the call at 12:45

  • A question was asked about regional NSW travel restrictions. The CHO is taking a risk-based approach to winding down border restrictions. No timing is yet available.
  • Two questions were taken on notice:
    • Using rapid testing instead of swabbing
    • The wider use of the SA/Qld gas field exemption process