QRC COVID-19 Working Group spoke about the following (actions in bold):

• There are no changes to the rules, as relating to mine sites, that have been in place for the past few months.

• Mine site workers can still be assessed as critical workers if they cannot work from home nor have their work done by another person.

o A question was asked about interstate travellers and Essential Workers clarified that if an essential worker has been tested and indicated a negative result, and has travelled interstate, then they will be able to return to work.

• In relation to inter-state travels, there is a specialist worker exemption being managed by the Department of Health. If workers must be brought from NSW, for example, then a specialist travel permit will be required.

• There is now no exemption for Interstate Travel Declarations (i.e. all people arriving in Queensland from interstate must complete a Declaration). Border Declarations are required when travelling from hotspots, e.g. from NSW.

• If someone is currently outside of Brisbane, or the other 10 SEQ LGAs declared this morning and has been in Brisbane or the other 10 SEQ LGAs within the past 14 days, they are required to wear face masks from 1am tomorrow morning.

• Face masks will be required to be worn until further notice for possibly two weeks. • If someone currently on site is from a deemed hotspot in the last 14 days, masks must be worn while at work.

• Mike Kaiser, Department of Resources, provides the following updates: o A miner has been diagnosed at a mining camp in the NT. Please ensure a state of the highest possible vigilance.

o The Premier, Qld Government and CHO acknowledge the efforts of the resources sector over the past 18 months.

o Next steps will depend on what happens in South-East Queensland.

o In the case of a lockdown, the resources sector will be able to still convey workers to mine sites, subject to appropriate risk assessments and safety measures.

• Distancing of tables in messes, and other measures, do not apply to sites in Qld outside of the 11 SEQ LGAs.

• A question was asked about travel arrangements for people travelling through Brisbane airport from Victoria. All people must wear masks. If the person does not leave the airport terminal, they will not be classed as having entered Brisbane or the 10 other declared SEQ LGAs.

• The QRC reminded members that the temperature testing facility at Brisbane airport is available to all members.

• Please inform the QRC, if possible: o How many FIFO workers are currently active, and o How many workers have been vaccinated.

• Shaun Ferris, Department of Resources, joined the call at 1:44. A question was taken on notice.

o A question was asked about whether someone from the Greater Sydney Area can travel home to isolate. It was confirmed they can.

o A question was asked about the definition of Essential Worker, and whether they would have to abide by Queensland rules while at accommodation. It was confirmed that the usual four reasons for leaving accommodation still apply to Essential Workers on site.

• Within the limits of the industrial law, please encourage all staff to be vaccinated.