QRC COVID-19 Working Group spoke about the following (actions in bold):

A lockdown applies in the Greater Brisbane Area (Brisbane, Logan, Redlands, Moreton Bay region) from 5pm tonight, for 3 days (presently scheduled to lift Thursday night but subject to review).

CHO is viewing this situation very seriously.

QRC asks that travel be minimised to essential travel only over the 3 day lock down period.

Companies to advise QRC via liannere@qrc.org.au of the number of workers who must travel over the next 3 days.

Wear masks on site unless there is a safety risk in doing so.

Anyone who has been in Brisbane since 20 March will need to follow the protocols as if they were still in Brisbane – think of it as “take the “bubble” with you.

Any FIFO worker who has visited any of the venues/sites listed by Qld Health that infected people have attended, needs to get tested and isolate until results received.

QRC advises that masks are to be worn at all times, and that it is desirable for office workers to work from home over the next 3 days if possible.

Minister Scott Stewart advised:

  • Previous experience has been that the resources sector has handled lockdowns very well.
  • Reiterated that the lockdown applies unless:
  • To get medication
  • Exercise in local area
  • Education (if not available from home)
  • Medical reasons
  • To carry out essential work, within government restrictions.
  • Social distancing to be observed, and masks must be worn at all times throughout Queensland, including in the workplace and on public transport.

Shaun Ferris, Department of Resources advised:

  • The CHO will issue directions shortly today, and will provide clarification around implementation.
  • The Department urges all parties to check the Qld Health website.


Clarification was requested in relation to masks. The Minister advised that masks must be worn at all times in Qld when outside your residence, unless it raises a safety issue (e.g. while operating heavy machinery). Including situations where someone is working in an office alone, the mask must still be worn.

Department confirmed that while workers in the resources sector are considered to be essential workers, unnecessary travel should still be avoided. Also clarified that if transiting through Brisbane airport, you are not considered to have been in a hotspot area.

Minister advised that once directions from the CHO are available, the Department will distribute these directions along with FAQs to clarify scenarios.

Clarification was further requested around masks. Masks must be worn except for eating, drinking, vigorous exercise, or for medical reasons, and this applies for all of Queensland.


NB: Queensland Health has this afternoon clarified it would be mandatory for everyone across the entire state to carry a mask with them – and they must be worn in indoor places outside of the home such as workplaces, shopping centres, public transport and hospitality venues.

Anyone who is outside is recommended to wear a mask where it is not possible to social distance, such as on busy pathways.

Face coverings won’t have to be worn in private cars, and they do not need to be worn by children who are under the age of 12.

Next meeting:  
Thursday 1st April 2021 at 12.30pm