30 March 2020 | QRC COVID-19 Working Group meeting

  • QRC Chief Executive Ian Macfarlane spoke about the following:
    • Letter from the emergency services group in central Queensland (LDMG) circulated yesterday. Issued to a number of companies relating to suspension of operations and strategies for managing workforce movements. QRC has requested advice from QLD Government and suggested companies delay replying until further advice is received from the State Government. When companies do respond, they need to email specific requirements to coutts@isaac.qld.gov.au
    • Letter sent to mayors this morning around the resource sector’s efforts to date to minimise Covid-19 spread and exercise all recommended precautions. Letter can be viewed here.
    • A reminder for companies to send their health plans to the Central Queensland Public Health Unit via EOC-CQPHU@health.qld.gov.au. Template for plan can be downloaded here.
    • Still likely that WA will close borders within the next 48 hours to all travellers. QRC is negotiating with WA government and sister organisations re: FIFO. Recent surveys indicate that 141 FIFO workers travel into WA, of which 80 are critical.
    • Members need to be aware of MCA national protocols. If we don’t maintain, there is a real risk of complete border closures for QLD. MCA has also distributed a one-page advisory on the protocol, which can be found here.
    • All members should make contingency plans for operating with essential interstate FIFO workers only in the event of further border closures. Also need to have a contingency for sourcing workers only from QLD.
    • Waiting for announcement from Qantas to say they are significantly reducing civilian flights but will continue charter FIFO etc. Please speak with Qantas directly re: concerns by contacting Elsa Dalessio, details below.
    • Companies must temperature check all staff before flights – now the industry norm. If companies require assistance with filling charters, please get in contact with QRC re: pooling resources. Peabody happy to talk with other companies about seating on Moranbah flights, as well as share details of currently in place temperature checking.
    • Mess halls and dining areas are being snap inspected by police. The need to maintain social distancing and increased hygiene measures across site was reinforced. There is a guidance note from QLD Health on QRC website around this.
  • Mayors joined the call at 1pm and were briefed on the latest FIFO measures and controls that companies are implementing. Companies were asked to contact their local mayors directly to provide evidence of reduction in FIFO personnel.
  • The QRC website is being updated regularly with up to date information.

Contact details

Elsa Dalessio

Regional Manager Queensland,
Qantas Airways

PO Box 766, Brisbane Qld 4001
P 07 33089081
M 0417025764
E elsadalessio@qantas.com.au

Next meeting

  • Thursday 2 April 2020 at 12.30pm