31 July 2021 | Update from Department of Resources

The CHO has today confirmed that resource industry workers can continue to travel to work during the 72 hour lockdown where necessary. Companies are encouraged to minimise travel from the 11 locked down LGAs wherever possible.  Workers travelling from the lockdown areas should carry ID and, if possible, be able to identify as a resource industry worker i.e. a letter or payslip from the company they work for or travel in high vis with the company’s logo on it.

Please find below the latest information on COVID-19 from the Department of Resources and how it relates to the resources sector:

South East Queensland lockdown

South East Queensland is in lockdown for three days, while contact tracers work to understand the extent of COVID-19 potentially circulating in the community.

The Restrictions for Impacted Areas Direction (No. 11) is yet to be updated. Please check the Queensland Health website regularly for updates however, if advice changes following the release of the Direction a new Bulletin will be issued.

From 4pm today, Saturday 31 July, until 4pm Tuesday 3 August resources workers in the Local Government areas of Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan City, Moreton Bay, Redlands, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Noosa, Somerset, Lockyer Valley and Scenic Rim are required to follow all lockdown rules.

Anyone who has left these affected LGAs on or after 1am Saturday 31 July 2021 must follow the lockdown rules regardless of where they are in Queensland.

Working within South East Queensland

Resources workers required to undertake an essential business activity can continue to work.

If workers need to attend a work site in South East Queensland during lockdown, they must wear a mask and follow all COVID-safe work practices for the resources sector.

Active contact tracing alerts and locations

Before leaving your home you should check the list of sites identified by recent contact tracing efforts to ensure you haven’t attended any of those sites. If you have visited any of those sites, or have any symptoms, you must quarantine at home immediately and follow all public health advice.

These sites are updated as contact tracing continues, it therefore important that you regularly check back to determine whether you have visited any of the identified locations.

Travelling to or from South East Queensland

We strongly encourage resources workers to not move outside of the South East Queensland lockdown area unless it is essential to do so.

If a resources worker is required to leave South East Queensland to undertake an essential business activity (that can’t reasonably be performed from their home-base) they must wear a mask unless it causes a risk to that person’s health and safety, and follow all COVID-safe work practices.

Resources workers can enter South East Queensland from outside the region to return home, or to undertake an essential business activity (that can’t reasonably be performed from their home-base). However, they must abide by all restrictions for the period of the lockdown.

Transiting through South East Queensland

A resources worker can drive through the South East Queensland area to get from one destination to another but must do so without stopping. They also must travel in a private vehicle, such as their own car, a work car, rideshare car or a taxi.

A resources worker can transit through South East Queensland airports during the lockdown period, however they must:

  • not leave the airport while waiting for another flight
  • quarantine until the time of another flight
  • drive out of South East Queensland directly in a private vehicle, travel in the back seat, on the passenger side of a taxi or rideshare, or in a van with a protective shield, with a mask on if other permitted transport isn’t available.

Wearing a mask

People who are in, or have been in an impacted area in South East Queensland, must carry a face mask at all times when you leave home. You must wear a face mask at all times when you leave home, including outdoors and for exercise, (provided it is safe to do so), unless you have a lawful reason not to.

Resources workers should follow the mandatory mask requirements.

Resources workers departing Queensland to another state or territory should check the relevant State Government border restrictions currently in place for the state they intend travelling to.

Get tested

If you have any symptoms at all or have been to the contact tracing alert locations, get tested immediately and quarantine at home until you receive a negative result.