7 October 2020 | Update from DNRME

Please find below the latest information on COVID-19 from Department Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME) and how it relates to the resources sector:

Applying for an exemption because of an emergency event

Under the updated border direction, workers providing emergency energy, drinking water, sewerage, liquid fuel, telecommunications or resources services can enter Queensland.

An emergency event means a time critical situation that if not urgently attended to could affect Queensland’s continued network services supply and security.

Resources companies needing workers to enter Queensland to respond to an emergency event are to:

  1. Fill out the template and email to: COVID@dnrme.qld.gov.au
  2. Phone DNRME 24/7 Emergency event line on 0438 721 392 to confirm receipt of template or to seek assistance
  3. DNRME will assess the application and provide an approval letter via email
  4. Applicant then completes S Pass application found here
  5. Print out S Pass
  6. Important notice – Upon arrival to Queensland you must provide evidence of the following to an Emergency Officer:
    • S Pass
    • the name of your employer
    • a statement from your employer confirming the emergency event (can be the already completed template including the company’s signature block)
    • a letter of endorsement from the relevant Queensland Government agency confirming the emergency event and that the service is critical, and
    • the location of your worksite.

This information provides further clarification on the emergency event application process.