9 August 2021 | Update from Department of Resources

Please see below the latest information from the Department of Resources.

Please note of particular importance the bolded sentence under ‘COVID-19 vaccinations’.

This bulletin provides resources companies and peak bodies in the resources sector with the latest information on COVID-19 and how it relates to the sector.

Cairns and Yarrabah lockdown

To protect the health of Queenslanders, the Cairns and Yarrabah Local Government Areas are in lockdown until 4pm on Wednesday 11 August.

Resources workers who are, or have been, in Cairns or Yarrabah must follow all lockdown rules. They can only leave home for essential purposes, including essential work, must carry a face mask at all times outside the home and follow the mandatory face mask requirements.

Anyone who has been in a locked down area since 4pm on 8 August must follow the lockdown rules, even if they have left the area.

For advice about resources workers travelling to or from Cairns or Yarrabah, or working in these LGAs, please read the COVID-19 Bulletin distributed yesterday. For more information refer to the Restrictions for Locked Down Areas (Cairns and Yarrabah) Direction.

Exposure sites

Resources workers who were in Cairns on or after 26 July should regularly check Queensland Health’s COVID-19 contact tracing page for a full and current list of exposure sites.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities 

Anyone who travelled into a remote and discrete Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community from Cairns or Yarrabah LGAs on or after 26 July 2021 is urged to get tested immediately, and to isolate until they get a negative result.

Restrictions in South East Queensland

The lockdown for South East Queensland has lifted however some restrictions continue to apply until 4pm Sunday 22 August.

Masks must be worn at all times outside the home (including in the workplace, provided it is safe to do so) except when eating or drinking, or exercising with your household or one other person.

For further information about South East Queensland read the Restrictions for Impacted Areas (No.12) (SEQ eased restrictions Stage 1) Direction.

Wearing a mask – all of Queensland

Mandatory face mask requirements are in place for the lockdown areas of Cairns and Yarrabah, as well as South East Queensland. Resources workers in any of these areas must follow the mandatory mask requirements.

For the rest of Queensland, you are only required to wear a mask in some locations such as airports and in stadiums, provided you have not been in a locked down area nor reside with a person who has been in a locked down or impacted area. It is recommended that everyone keep a mask with them at all times and use it where social distancing isn’t possible.

For full details read the Mandatory Face Masks Direction (No.2).

COVID-19 vaccinations 

The COVID-19 vaccine will help protect resources workers, their locally based colleagues and prevent transmission to the broader communities they work in so it is vital that all resources workers register for the Queensland vaccination program as soon as possible.

Highly mobile resources workers have now been added to the vaccine priority group, meaning all Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) and Drive In Drive Out (DIDO) resources workers based in Queensland and who work on-site anywhere in Australia or Papua New Guinea, can receive a COVID-19 vaccination.

FIFO or DIDO workers who had previously registered for a COVID-19 vaccination with Queensland Health will need to call 134COVID (13 42 68) to update their registration to include their priority status. 

Read more about how to make a booking for a COVID-19 vaccination and find out more about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Get tested

Regardless of where you have been, if you have any COVID-19 symptomsget tested immediately and quarantine at home until you receive a negative result.